Vita and I – Boxing Day

I’m now starting to question myself if I’m ready for a dog.  Yes, I want one, but could I handle it?  I’m starting to think not.  I’m stressing out.  There is a constant worry that lingers in the back of your cranium.  Stress Eric comes to mind, but I guess it’s the same worry you have, when you have kids.

I woke up on Boxing Day in the living room.  It’s a recurring location now.  Vita needs to know someone is with her, before she can nod off.

So today was the day Vita and I went to the Lady’s parents house, all the way down in Kent.  3.5 hour drive.  For the first 100 miles, the drive was fine.  The traffic soon became like the mucus clogging up my nose.  The 3.5-hour journey became a 4.5-hour one instead.  Vita slept, and there wasn’t a care in the world.  I paid the toll fee £1.50.  Every time I drive through, I get this child like urge to put my foot down and test the car’s limit.  The VDUB has around 220BHP and can do 0-60 in around 5-6 seconds.  Vita wasn’t please when I accelerated away from the toll.  She puked.

Puke count 1

There was nothing I could do, nowhere to stop, so I carried on at the legal pace.  The stench was not pleasant and I couldn’t even open the windows!  Luckily, there were only a few miles left so I held my breath.

We arrived safely at the Lady’s parents and guess what happened within the first 7 seconds?  Yep!  She pissed in the hallway. Well-done girl, the perfect introduction!  She relies on her looks far too much and yet again she got off lightly.  I on the other hand gave her the rollicking of her life.

Pee count 17

We decided to take her out and let her run free in the back garden; try to tire her down, release some emotion and finally chill out (watch below.)

After the free roaming, her usual clean soft, fluffy coat became dense, dirty and incredibly stinky.  It was shower time.  We know that cats don’t like water, but what about dogs, puppies?  The image below should tell you how she felt.

Time for bed, and she’s already in the room with us.  I sense that it will be a peaceful night.  I’m rather drunk again and have eaten way too much, which seemed to have affected my hearing.

Tomorrow we go to the cemetery to pay respects to the Lady’s Granddad who past away last year.   Vita better behave.

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