Vita and I – Christmas Eve & Day

Today I left Vita with the family as I had some last minute presents to get.  Now, my dad is not a fan and my mum is too weak to dish out discipline.   From what I’ve learnt over the past stressful days is that you HAVE to be tough on the bitch.  You HAVE to show her whose boss, or she’ll piss all over you and your carpets.

The day started well shit.  After filling up the VDUB with her favorite juice, the electric window started to have a fit until it decided to stay down in the car door.  Luckily my trusty garage was open and they manage to fix the problem, for now.

Nottingham was horrid.  It felt like London but with no tubes.  I rushed back home to check in on Vita and to no surprise there she was, pissing on the carpet.

Piss count 15 Poo count 2

It was now time to join the rest of the crew in town and get rather drunk.  Goodnight Vita, don’t wait up.

Christmas Day

I woke up in the same state as I do every Christmas Day with the mother of all hangovers.  I suddenly got this horrid feeling that I did something stupid last night when I got in.

I stumbled downstairs  to find no dog on the lead.  Shit!  Did I take her for a walk last night and forgot to bring her in?  Did I sell her?  Where the fuck was she?

I quickly checked all the rooms and still no joy.  The last room was mine.  There she was, pissing in my bed.

Pee Count 16

At least she was safe.

Time to open the presents and I let Vita help me out (watch below.)

Tomorrow I take her to the Lady’s parent’s house for some Boxing Day binge eating.  Their house is mahoosive compared to mine and they also have a cat who is bigger than Vita.

The below image was taken around 3am Boxing day morning.  Yep, that’s my living room and makeshift bed.

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