Vita and I – Day & Night Three

Time to get Vita in the car and experience her first 3.5 hours Christmas drive to Grantham. She’s not a chilled out dog but more of a ‘look at me and give me some fucking attention’ kind of dog. Watch the clip below.

Surprisingly she was tame and slept all the way. The odd occasion she would jump up and flirt with the traffic; the women loved it.

We finally arrived back home to the disgust of my dad. He’s not a fan, especially as Vita pissed on the cream carpet within the first 7 seconds of arrival. Good girl I thought, not doing the deed in the VDUB. Pee count – 13 (inside.)

Bedtime, and that’s the main bit I dread. As said before, I’m a man of my forty winks. Any less, you may as well call me Victor. The winks were flowing until someone decided to go to the toilet at 4am. Any sound of movement and it sets her off. She feels like there’s a party going on in the house and she’s not invited. Soon after, the singing began. To set the scene a little more, CLICK HERE.

I had to move the duvet downstairs and sleep by her side. You know what happened next. I almost return to my snooze coma when my alarm comes to life. No chance of extra time as I needed to go to Nottingham and finish off my Christmas shopping.


Stay tuned for tomorrows Christmas Eve and Day write up. Truly, bonkers.

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