Vita and I – Day & Night 2

The alarm fades in at 7.30am. I’ve had an extra 30 minutes in bed today, as I’m off to the V&A with work to indulge in some digital interactive art – Decode.

The extra moments in bed were not because Vita kept me up all night, she slept fine.  It was the Lady this time.  She’s a little groggy at the moment, which resulted in lots of toss and turning, not to mention the snore fest.

Back to the bitch.

Did I mention Vita likes to piss?  Piss a lot.  Inside.  Inside my bedroom.  AGAIN.
To stop her pissing where she shouldn’t, apparently you rub the culprit’s nose in the mess.  I wouldn’t piss on the floor again if my dad rubbed my face in it.  Lets hope it works as I’m running out of carpet space, and there’s a sour smell to the room.  Best buy some febreze; does it actually work?

Today the lady decided to take Vita to work (see below.)

Seems like they both had a really busy day.  Vita and the lady are shattered.  No scratching on the door.  No growling or howling (you decide who I’m referring to.)  I’m off to Grantham for Christmas tomorrow and the Vita shall be joining the family.  It will be interesting; cream carpets and a pissing dog, the nightmare before Christmas.  Keep those testicles crossed for me tonight.
Below is a clip of Vita walking in the snow.  Enjoy.

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