Vita and I.

For the people who have heard or seen ‘Marley and Me,’ welcome to ‘Vita and I.’

A close friend has gone back to China for Christmas and New Year and needed someone to look after her Pomeranian puppy – Vita.

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a dog sometime in the New Year, so what a great opportunity to try before I buy.  I’ve looked after a dog before; a Japanese Akita called Lilly.  She is beautiful, quiet and very well trained.  Vita on the other hand is a puppy, and from what I’m learning fast is that she’s had no training at all.  NONE at ALL.

I’ve decided to write short daily updates of the action I encounter with Vita.

Night 1.

Vita comes from a nocturnal household so she must have been annoyed when I finally decided to call it a night at 11.30pm.  The door was closed and the lights turn off in the hallway.  Good night and sweet dreams.  Nope.  At first there was squealing, followed by groaning which ended with howling.  It was 1.30am.  I looked over and nudged the lady and a joint decision was made to bring the mutt in to our room.  The next 2 hours were playful, yet painful.  I’m a light sleeper, so much so that even the footsteps from the outside awake me.  So when Vita started chewing the rug, or licking her ****, it gets on my grits.  It was now 3.30am.  It’s always the same.  You finally drift off and then you have to wake up.  Yep, a cliché start to the day.  The light breaks any chance of snooze time.  The room is quiet, a little too quiet.  Where’s Vita?  I leaned over to find her snoozing on the bed next to the lady (see photo.)

That would explain why I woke up holding on to the edge of the bed.  My attention turned towards the room for piss and poo stains, but all remained clean.  Time for the morning walk, I jumped in the shower.  Apart from the tired eyes and the odd pee stain in the hallway, everything seemed fine until I received a phone this morning…

Lady: “Ermmmm do you have a spare phone charger?”

Me: “Nope”

Lady: “You might need to buy a new one.  Vita has chewed through yours.”

Me: “Great.”

Let’s see what the bitch has in sotre for me tonight.

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