Black or Blue?

Today I found myself gravitating towards the dark and mundane aspect of life.  The practical side.  Lucky enough it’s no bigger, yet.  Fashion; size 10 trainers to be more precise.  A little more precise, the colour.  The once easy decision now becomes a massive task.

I’m no WKW or WTDW but I’m reasonably poised somewhere in between those fashion icons.

My dilemma takes place at Size, Carnaby Street.  I stand before the mahoosive mirror, posture like supermodel, high heels replaced by Puma Steppers; black on the right foot, electric blue on the left.  What colour to choose?


After a good 10 minutes of executing every possible trainer position, I experience a judder; the ones that make you shake uncontrollably for 10 seconds; epileptic fit style.  I randomly ask myself which of the two colours were more practical.  Yep, Dad alert.

Winter is here, I say to myself.  I carry on talking in my mind…the pavements will soon become drenched with dirt.  Currently leaves are congregating on paths up and down the country, causing people to slip thus resulting in scuffed footwear; happened to me the other day.  Then we have the rain.  When the two mix, all types of shit appear.

Not the best of environments for the whitest of white plimsoll cretins you find drinking ale in the grottiest pubs in Shoreditch and Dalston.

Black does not emit or reflect light and I feel it will have the same effect, but with dirt through the winter pain.  The colour blue will buckle and become tired and confused after the first couple of outings.

Another reason I had to think old, wise and practical is that I want a pair of dunks that I can wear with smart clobber; shirt and tie.  Blue would just look a little too ‘try hard.’

With this knowledge, I take one more look down then look up to see the chic who served me waiting impatiently, all this time.  If I was white, I’d be blushing. I point towards the black pair.  I’m greeted with a pissed off presumption look in her eyes, like she knew I was always going be ‘practical’ and go for the black pair.

What did she know?  She looked like a confused EMO crossed with a Spaniard.  Several metal hoops, studs peculiarly dotted around her face; a beautiful face, destroyed by a fad and potentially neglected by her parents.  The kind of girl who gets her clit pierced.

I’m looking forward to testing the dunks out with some outfits.  We’ll see if I change my mind and go for the blue, mmmmm.

What are your thoughts?  Black or Blue?

3 comments on “Black or Blue?

  1. HayleyRockz
    November 12, 2009 at 6:24 pm #

    I vote black in this case, the blue look a little dated, dare I say “soooo 4 years ago”
    I loved the bit about the shop girl!, typical girl to get her clit pierced I know someone just like that, and yes she has it pierced!

  2. rich
    November 12, 2009 at 6:42 pm #


  3. bitchbag
    November 13, 2009 at 10:51 am #

    I’ve decided to stick with the black. The first appearance was going to be today, but it was raining. Doh. x

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