Fuck Spain, I’m staying local’ish’

October’s here and has almost flown past like the brown autumn leave that hit my face last night.  15 days holiday still registered in the green old school hardback folder that has a smell of the 90s.

What to do, where to go and who to see with my days of pleasure?

Budget ‘was’ tight so I thought I’d do my bit for the planet and wallet by travelling local’ish’.  After weeks of booking, then cancelling my plans are finally saved.

Tomorrow morning I make my way up towards Whitby, via York.  The reason being or not so ‘human’ being is that I’m going to track down Dracula.  Yep, you know the blood lusting guy with those awfully sharp teeth!  He made an appearance in Whitby. Check out the tour held by Harry Collett, also listen to THIS.  I’ll also taste the best fish n chips in the world – I can’t wait.

The next day my journey continues further up north.  I’ll be cautious from this point on. Firstly, it’s going to get cold and secondly I hear coloured people aren’t ‘that’ welcome.  Middlesbrough.  I’m here for an hour.  A lot could happen, but I’ll be wise whilst I wait for the train to Newcastle.  I hear lots of great things about New-castleman, night life, tits… anyways. 20 minutes connection time, down a few beers and possibly munch on a pie.  Next stop Edinburgh.

Nothing planned on the Friday, maybe just ‘hang out’ here and there, get to know the locals and also try to find ‘pubic triangle.’ I’ll keep this for myself for now, but could be interesting.   The next day I go on a mammoth 12 hour tour of Scotland.  Check it out HERE. AFTER, I’ll spend my last night hear with the locals.

There was a reason behind my northern adventure but now I’ve left it open to see what I come back with.  A short film, mock-documentary was always in the mole-skin.  Hope it lives on.  I’ve never been to these places before so it’s about the experience I’m going to gain whilst throwing my little rear, deep in to unknown shit.  Could work, could fail.  At least I gave it a go.

My only friends are a flip cam, Lumix, Holga and my macbook.

O yeah, how could I forget!

Tonight I’m off…

Big Boy

… wearing these

Blacked Up

Keep those testicles crossed for tonight and my little adventure.  Let’s just hope I don’t get too shitfaced and miss my 8am train!

One comment on “Fuck Spain, I’m staying local’ish’

  1. Leland Flory
    March 22, 2010 at 2:32 pm #

    Hi, good post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for sharing. I will certainly be subscribing to your blog.

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