An Idea is not yours if you don’t do it.

Don’t you just hate it when YOU have an idea, but never get around to materialising it?

We all have those eureka moments, where you feel you’ve been touched by god’s bell-end bringing you to a sudden halt.  You then reach for your precious moleskin.  A pen or pencil is always available.

But then the dust settles as time goes by; you have several more ideas thus forgetting the little gem.

Then, one day as your riding the tube in to work.  There it is.  YOUR idea, thought, eureka moment, epiphany, only to be executed by a plumb who has all the time in the world.

Let me step back a little, before I sound even more of a cunt.

Credit is giving, where it’s due.  A huge *HARD slap on the back to Sam Wilson ‘South African TV Writer’, for creating ‘I’ll scream your Tweets’.

Simples… 1 man standing on Cape Towns’ Table Mountain shouting out your tweets.

The thought of taking something digital and pumping back out to analogue is genius.

A similar thought popped up as I submitted my entrance to take part on the fourth plinth.

I’d become either the messenger of happiness or the bearer of bad news by shouting out people’s tweets off the plinth.  O well, I never got a place so no love lost.

It seems so long ago when ‘we’ would get an idea and then execute it.   Time was putty and our hands were eager at University. These days I don’t get time to wipe my arse properly, hence why I always have that pesky turtle giving my pants grief!

However, a few personal projects are lurking around and here is one that’s escaped the closed pages of the moleskin.

Idea – A month in 60seconds.

If you happen to know me or have the pleasure of my company, you’ll notice that I’m always filming my surroundings, to the extreme annoyance from the other side of the lens.

My goal is to get better at editing short films so I’ve decided to edit the footage I capture in a month, to 60seconds.  No poncy soundtrack will be used, just real sound. Here is July and August 60 second make overs.

Hopefully the will be a progression is quality as I go on.

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