Scumbags come clean.

I’m feeling fragile this morning, after a heavy session with a selection (6) of fine ales yesterday. The bike ride in today was horrid.  Commitment patches, check.

I like stunts; flash mobs were cool until they became commercialised (did I just type that?), blame T-Mobile.  Here is a little gem from Talk Talk.

I’ve always been told that if you can take a negative and turn it in to a positive, you have a winner.

Welcome to ‘Put Pocketing’.

In the “put-pocketing” stunt for TalkTalk, a total of 100,000 pounds will be ‘given back’ to recession-hit Brits by a 20-strong team of former pickpockets.

Ok, so there’s a lot of ‘talk talk’ from the old bill, insisting that people could get the wrong impressions ‘and it might lead to a form of cover for actual pick-pocketing.’

Pipe down and catch the arse-hole who put a dint in my car.

The nail is hit hard, for brand awareness it’s great but I’ll still never leave Orange.

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