Crack Music

Calvin Harris.  He’s the epitome of utter shite, crap pop music that’s become grade A crack these days. So far I’ve had the strength to avoid the teeth wrecking ‘morish’ side to his beats.  But something strange happened to me the other day, when I found myself allured to a female voice singing “I pull up my shoes and get ready for the weekend”.

I’ve not stopped humming it since.

Shock, fucking horror when I found out it was by the devil himself (CH).

The predictable clichéd video, lots of tall, fit but dumb looking ladies.  Watch it below.

I then clicked here, then there, and found this.

Why on earth did CH not use this as his video?

It’s visually better, and keeps you engaged on both levels; intelligently and dumbassly.

Watch the making of HERE.

Women + Technology =  Happy Face.

One comment on “Crack Music

  1. Wonderlander
    August 12, 2009 at 9:23 pm #

    Calvin ‘I created Disco’ Harris? Haha. You’re right though- he should’ve used the human synth vid

    Wonderlander x

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