Time to Fink.

It’s Tuesday and the battle between the unconsciousness and conscious mind is taking place.  What fucking day is it?  Does it matter?  Should I be here?  And was it necessary to use fowl language in my first question?

Last week I had the pleasure to go see Graham Fink, who was giving a talk @ JWT “Typographic Circle”

A couple minutes before the show starts, I need the lavatory.  To my surprise I bump into the man himself.

ME: “Hi Graham”

GF: “Hi, I don’t think I know you”

ME: “You don’t yet, but you will”

GF: “Where do you work?”

ME: “dare”

GF: “You must know Mark and Flo”

ME: “Indeed”

At this point a toilet becomes free

GF: “You don’t mind if I push in?”

In he went.

It was like a portal; he went in but never came out.  Adds to his mystery I guess.

The talk was marmite, some bits were a little too cliché (see image of  poster for sale), with only a couple of nuggets popping up (good ones).


End of the day he’s someone we should go see.  Rob and I shall be knocking on his roof soon.  The clue is set.

Enjoy this Zen moment from the night.

I liked the interaction with the crowd, even though it felt a little ‘shoehorned’ in.

2 comments on “Time to Fink.

  1. Jake
    July 30, 2009 at 1:57 pm #

    Should have gone. I work in the friggin building

  2. bitchbag
    July 30, 2009 at 2:30 pm #

    JWT or RMGC?

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