Will dance for creative job

The final few days leading up to your degree show are pretty exciting times, then your graduation creeps up, proud times.

Suddenly the shit hits the pad, and those ‘loved up’ feelings are soon packed away for future reference.

A clamp appears from nowhere gripping tightly across your forehead, from one temple to the other.   It’s stressful times and if you haven’t got your act together, you could soon find yourself in some deep shit.  That deep shit could be you having to go back home and live with the parents, or secondly, stay in the town you studied in for 3 years and find yourself extending your stay for no particular reason.

I know people that it’s happened to and it’s not nice.  Especially when they are talented.


To some, Rob and I were pretty lucky when we started at dare.  We never made the cut for dare school.  4/5 other teams from Bucks got through; our idea did not hit the spot.  Absolutely gutted because dare was our target and we seemed to completely miss the red dot.  We decided to go back the next day and show them our book, and keep going back until they offer us an interview.  After the third knock back, we got our break.

Next step, interview with Flo Heiss.  Some say he’s a crazy artist living an isolated life in a small country town north of London, fuelled by the digital world and his strange attraction to squids.  After a bit of research, we found out that we weren’t to far off.

We knew we had to approach him in a different way; something a little more interesting then ‘hi my names…this is our book’.

We did THIS and thank the lord we got on to dare school.

I’ve started a ‘For Hire’ section down the side, where I’ll link up teams that are trying to get hired.  First off we have Mike and Phil, it’s an interesting blog and they always seem to be up to no good, in a good way. I love their Easter Egg Promo.  Go have a look.

I’ll be uploading more teams when I find them.

Why?  Well I’m just doing my good deed for the day.

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