Opt in or out?


Some people may already be aware of the launch of a mobile phone directory later this week, which will means ‘anyone’ can access your number via a small cost.

Read more HERE

Personally I find it paranormal that my mobile number is going to available to the rest of the world.  Call me a Daily Mail reader, or even an egotistic cock rocker.  Give a hoot (just to clarify I don’t read the Daily Mail, but maybe an egotistical cock rocker).

The service could become a porn directory for stalkers.

Ok, so you get a text warning you that “Ian Huntley” is trying to contact you, do you wish to be contacted?  Some people say it’s not a chore.  I disagree.

If I wanted to get in touch with someone, I would go through different means  and not waste £1.  Tight fisted cheapskate you say, yep, but you would be too on my wages.

Fear not and ‘opt out’ HERE (click on ex-directory on the top right of the page).

Just one more thing I’d like to add.  I do like the ‘opt out’ system, but for another more worthy service.

The Donor Card.

We’ll see.

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