Ever wondered what it would be like to let the web melt in your mouth?

Since entering the world of digital, my partner and I have always tried to figure out how we can recreate our senses online.  Imagine smelling a banner ad.  We’d be sleeping on a bed of money by now.

I stumbled on to Sensehub

“We want to connect everyone online with the way we experiment the real world – through our senses”


Wow, sounds interesting.

Almost like they have discovered time travel, for real!

Check out the website HERE.

To me it felt passive; these days I’m a big fan of 2-way action.  I want to interact, feel like I’m doing something, making a difference.  However I walked away feeling teased.  Maybe this is a good thing, as I will no doubt pop back for some more.

One thing that really caught my mind was this clip…

To be honest I’m not sure why, there’s something about the clip that makes me watch it over, and over again.

What are your thoughts?

It’s certainly and interesting thought, and Kudos to Matt & Sarah for getting this out.  Long live the Bucks massive.

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