A film for the fans, by the fans.

It took me a while before I accepted that Lord of The Rings was an amazing trilogy. I started to read the books, then like most books, stop half way through and started to read something else. This could be due to my dyslexia, or generally having a very short attention span. The films were another story, as I could watch them on repeat, until I thought I was actually Gollum’s brother. When I need my ‘lonely’ time, I let my other half know that I plan to watch LOTRs, as she would rather stick a fork in her eye, than join me. So, to my delight when I overheard an invaluable rumour about ‘another’ LOTR film was coming to our screens, but what screen I didn’t know, until now.

“The Hunt For Gollum”

The unauthorized 45-minute film is to premier at the Sci-Fi London film festival, 3rd of May. Free tickets have already gone, but they are simultaneously releasing the film online with the filmmakers and Dailymotion.com/huntforgollum

If we go by the trailers, the film looks be fab. Bear this in mind, as it was all produced with a budget of £3000.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

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