How to treat a lady?

So there I was in the kitchen trying to figure out if I wanted fish fingers or a chicken breast with my boiled potatoes. I was joined by 1 of my housemates and his girlfriend. They were having a similar discussion, but on a more romantic level. Out of no where, my mate proudly sticks out his chest, head held high and says “go put your feet up babes, I’ll make dinner”

I glance over thinking well done son, you are now 1 up and in her good books for later. She owes you one.

She replies “thanks love”

He replies “No problem, do you want salad cream with your salad roll?”

I almost choked on the steam currently fulfilling the kitchen, wondering if it’s from my boiling water or from my mates girlfriend. She was not pleased and stormed off, knocking the saltshaker off the table.

All that good work has just been un-done, you are now 0-2 down with a lot of ground to make up. A salad roll is fine if you make it yourself, but if someone makes you one without consent, immediately suggests that you need to loose weight.

I’ve never personally come across a salad roll with salad cream before. I don’t think I ever will, I love the meat too much and treat my lady friend slightly better.

Salad Roll

Cheese and wine anyone?

2 comments on “How to treat a lady?

  1. Happy Thought
    April 22, 2009 at 10:55 am #

    Great “back to roots” post matey 🙂

  2. Jeff Cakes
    April 23, 2009 at 10:07 pm #

    Most women are fat these days, they should thank their boyfriends for looking out for them.

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