Barclaycard Waterslide Competition Update

After the official slating the idea received in ‘Private View’ (Campaign), it’s nice to see how the tides have turned.

UGC is a bitch, but if appealing and simple enough to interact, people will upload.

With 10K up for grabs and recession in full swing, why would you not take part?

Here are the best three (IMO), the first in particular is ‘epic’ and with a famous face being used to promote their effort, glides straight in to pole position. It does raise a few eyebrows, not in the Cadburys way, but regarding the rule of the competition.

  1. Was it created by a professional production house?
  2. Did they compose the music used?
  3. Are they trying to promote their sub brand ‘Digital Ducky’?

Either way it’s a fabulous effort from ‘Digital Ducky’.

1. Digital Ducky

2. Lego

3. USA Spoof

The rest of the entries come across surreal, with an injection of humour.

Here is one example.  Click HERE to view more.

Very random.

One comment on “Barclaycard Waterslide Competition Update

  1. Happy Thought
    March 17, 2009 at 4:35 pm #

    Hey Dude, I’m switching over to WordPress and it’s taking ages. Got lots of stuff written up, just need to make the big switch-over and it’s taking forever and a day. I’ll hit you up when it’s all done. hoping to be completed by the weekend.

    All teh best.

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