Peter Saville

Last night I had the pleasure of becoming, a fly on the wall.

The subject was Peter Saville, an opinionated man (who loves his own opinion) with an extremely loud mouth.

Like salmon dipped in liquorice, he’s not for everyone (even though every seat was being used, including the steps) and a fair few people I know would call him a cock.

Very mature I know.

His honesty made it for me, saying that the majority of his early years he did very little designing, more directing.

This I mean in a lazy fish sense.

There were a couple of questions raised at the end (some better than others), but two made the cut for me.

The first was regarding the education system, and which university was place to go, was it Central Saint Martins?

* Roughly what PS said…“The geography of inspiration was back then very important, London being the hub of all things creative. These days, students who go to RCA or Saint Martins, all think they have made it because of where they are. This is not the case today.” This raised many laughs, and I for one chuckled.

The second I managed to capture on my mobile, and is surprisingly good quality.

There was a reason why I’ve not mentioned what he has done, or what he now does.

It is because you should know.

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