The weekend with the bitch.

Fantasy world is where I was at this weekend and now faced with the reality of going home to a cold, damp, mouldy and possibly filthy house.Childhood dreams come and go, but I finally snatched back one of them, the chance to own (look after) a dog. Lilly was her name and breed was Japanese Akita.

Sleepy Lilly

Her coat was immensely thick and soft to the point of becoming pro fur. The bitch was so well trained, even more so then some of the people I call friends.
A couple of issues I had to over come and the first was dog shit.

The deal was that we take it in turns to scoop the poop, however that did not happen. My girlfriend was more concerned in looking the biz and at one point I thought I had a wag. She does have nice nails and insists that is a good enough excuse. Liverpool Street was the first refusal. As we walk out the station, Lilly dropped the biggest turd I have ever seen. The steam was like that of a boiled kettle, although there was no tea for my efforts. Out came the bags.


The second was the abnormal hours you had to get up. Being Asian it came naturally to me, as my parents have always owned a Corner shop. Yep, weekend job 4am until 8am sorting out those papers. Next time you buy a Sunday Paper and it’s crammed of all those supplements that you insist on having, I had to put them in. The repetitive strain injury was awful, not to mention those cringe worthy paper cuts. Final walk before I say bye. It’s 6.50am when we go out and it cold and wet. I still want a dog, but really don’t think I can manage within the next two years. I’ll miss the huge fluff ball, off to work I go.


Sad face

Bring on the rain



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